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"It's time to take a look back over the incredible year that was 2012 and remind ourselves of some of the mind-bendingly epic, unbelievable and world-changing events that took place in the Red Bull calendar"

It's been an amazing year for Red Bull, and some truly epic moments having taken place -  Vettal winning his third F1 championship,12 year old Tom Schaar pulling off the world's first 1080  - and not forgetting Felix Baumgartner making world history by breaking the sound barrier with his free-fall from the edge of space, watched by an awe-struck 8 million people. 

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Brazilian Grand Prix 2012 will be the last time we will see competing Michael Schumacher in a Formula 1 car. There is no doubt that he has been the best driver of all times, here are his thoughts on his last race.

When asked if he was likely to get emotional during the race about his 306th F1 start being his last, Schumacher replied: 

"I know I will not. That's me. When I'm in the car, I'm focused 100 per cent on what I'm doing.

"Maybe in certain moments, such as when coming to the grid or when the chequered flag is down, I will think about this.

"Who knows, I might even be emotional in that moment... But so far there has not been too much of this."

Although not emotional about his departure, Schumacher admitted he had been affected by fans' outpourings of support at Interlagos this week.

"I'm obviously feeling touched. It is a very nice gesture from all those fans," he said.
"People who love motorsport liked what I was doing over all those years. It's certainly a good feeling. But I'm still focused 100 per cent."

He underlined he would not be changing his approach for his last race, or going for broke with a strategic gamble if rain hit.

"Usually in these conditions I try to do the best. It's not about gambling, it's about trying to be precise and spot on," said Schumacher.

Having already had the experience of retiring from F1 once, Schumacher added that he knew how he would feel when the 2013 season began without him.

"I have already been there sitting in front of the television and watching with interest," he said. 

"I will have no hard feelings."

We at AAFORMULA1 will miss you Michael Schumacher. 

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Alonso or Vettel - Who will be F1 2012 world champion
This is what Vettel needs to do to win the F1 2012 world championship


- He finishes in the top four 
- He finishes fifth, sixth or seventh and Alonso doesn't win 
- He finishes eighth or ninth and Alonso is third or lower 
- He finishes 10th or worse and Alonso isn't on the podium

This is what Alonso needs to do if he has to win the F1 2012 world championship


- He wins and Vettel is fifth or lower
- He is second and Vettel eighth or lower
- He is third and Vettel is 10th or lower

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Brazilian Grand Prix and rainy weather is not a big surprise. There is every possibility that we end the season 2012 with a wet race.

Live weather widget below shows rain on Saturday and Sunday (24th and 25th October). So Let's keep a very close eye on the changing weather conditions of Brazilian F1 circuit : Interlagos. For all the latest happenings from the Brazilian Grand Prix : Interlagos : Be with us on Facebook

Written by Sandeep Ganesh

The lost identity | Narain karthikeyan (Still the fastest Indian Ever!)

He drives and takes corners at speeds what no other Indian can even imagine. He faces G-forces what only our Air-force Pilots experience and his heart beats at a rate almost thrice the rate of ours. Millions around the globe may recognize him by his name, but have forgotten his true identity.

His drive in the ill-fated team Hispania Racing Team is ruining his career progress and seriously hiding him from showcasing to the world, the raw talent and speed he possesses.

“The spectators call him slow, his team asks him to get more sponsors to retain his drive, his engineers echoes a radio message of system failure every race. He doesn't showcase the world his worries, but instead hides those in his smile and pushes even harder to get the best out of his available resources.”

A walk through the paddock and you can identify him by his wide grin and rustic Indian looks. Go ahead and have a chat with him and you will be astounded by his graciousness and humility.
However fast the sport is, he will always stop by and honor your wishes of taking his signature or a photograph.

“ The world has forgotten his true identity. All that the audience notices is his broken car stopping in the middle of the race. “

How many of the viewers have even looked back at his career highlights? Whatever impression they have of him will change instantaneously. He has proved his skills and talent in every event of the numerous he has participated. Here is the list of championships he has taken part in:
Formula Vauxhall Junior Championship, Formula Ford Zetec series, British Formula Ford Winter Series, British Formula Opel Championship, British Formula Three Championship, Formula Nippon F3000 Championship, Telefónica World Series, Nissan World Series, The 24 Hours of Le Mans, A1 GP, NASCAR and Superleague Formula.

Not just participation, but he has won many of them also. Even more surprising should be the fact that he is an Indian and achieved all of the above. An Indian unlike the European counter parts faces many hurdles such as infrastructure, sponsors, technology etc etc. But he did not let any of those to stop him from achieving his ambition: Drive in Formula One, the pinnacle of motorsport.

In 1996, he became the first Indian and the first Asian to win the Formula Asia International series. He tested a Formula One car for Jaguar Racing team as early as 2001, when he was just 24!!  His formula one drive in 2005 for Jordan team came to end as he could not satisfy their monetary demands.

He continued as a test driver for Williams F1 team but it too came to a halt after his main sponsor TATA pulled out. His efforts bore some fruits, when he returned to Formula One to drive for Hispania Racing Team in 2011. But it has done more harm than any good.
“He is easily one of the Worlds Most Underrated drivers.”

Politics & Money have taken over the sport and have deprived many to survive and excel in the sport. Coming from a country where Motorsports is not recognised as a Sport, he has risen and successfully achieved his ambition of driving in Formula One. But noticing his raw skill and ability gone unnoticed is very disappointing.

His growth story will distinguish him from rest of the drivers in the global Motorsport community. He is a true representative of India's young spirit and he has set an example for the entire Motorsports fraternity of India to follow.

His true identity is lost and the many may never realize it, but for me and other million Indians, he will continue to be our hero. #trueindian. 

For all those who still criticize him, all that I have to say is:
“ Those who can -- do. Those who can't – criticize ”.

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Sebastian Vettel had got everything under control, in the way he would’ve wanted until Indian GP of last weekend with no reliability issues as he witnessed with the alternator few races before and certainly could win seven races on the trot if he can win the remaining three events. But today he took a hammer blow which suggested that the title battle would go on nip and tuck to Brazil.
Vettel started how it meant to be with sticking faster times in all the sessions ahead or slightly behind Mclarens but in the final practice of today he saw the tale twisting a bit. He couldn’t utilise the entire hour as brake problems faded his track outing but he did head out in the final stages for a seven lap run. Nevertheless got into pace in a very shorter time.
Something to satisfy him on FP3 was the best middle sector time he managed to pull out in his last lap. The crucial qualifying session commenced with Vettel having a slight disadvantage of not having run in the afternoon practice. He locked up a several times and even kissed the armco with his rear left tyre after the turn 19 exit.
He was absolutely on the limit whilst creeping up more mistakes. To be honest, I’ve never seen Vettel doing so much blunders within an hour’s time. When Hamilton dipped in the 1:40s mark, it was clear that the pole chance has been taken away from Vettel. But the real drama came when Vettel headed back to pits after claiming p3.
He parked the car instantly on the sides as he was asked to by his race engineer. Christain Horner said the Renault authorities wanted them to do so and baffled of what the reason it could be. It’s reminiscent to the Hamilton incident in Spain when he was disqualified from his pole for not having enough fuel on-board for the mandatory FIA test.
It took four and half hours to investigate and decide on Vettel’s matter after he visited  the stewards panel for inquiry. According to Article 6.6.2 of FIA Formula One Technical Regs, the car 1(Vettel) was investigated as it didn’t return to pits under its own power. The stewards accepted the hearing from concerned staffs and driver and considered it as a force majeure(unexpected event).
The rule says:
6.6 Fuel draining and sampling
6.6.1 Competitors must provide a means of removing all fuel from the car.
6.6.2 Competitors must ensure that a one litre sample of fuel may be taken from the car at any time during the Event. Except in cases of force majeure (accepted as such by the stewards of the meeting), if a sample of fuel is required after a practice session the car concerned must have first been driven back to the pits under its own power.
6.6.3 All cars must be fitted with a -2 ‘Symetrics’ male fitting in order to facilitate fuel sampling. If an electric pump on board the car cannot be used to remove the fuel an externally connected one may be used provided it is evident that a representative fuel sample is being taken. If an external pump is used it must be possible to connect the FIA sampling hose to it and any hose between the car and pump must be -3 in diameter and not exceed 2m in length. Details of the fuel sampling hose may be found in the Appendix to these regulations.
6.6.4 The sampling procedure must not necessitate starting the engine or the removal of bodywork (other than the cover over any refueling connector).
But they couldn’t agree more on Red Bull’s claims. As per the same article, they apparently breached the fuel sample regulation. Stewards said Vettel’s car had 850 ml fuel on board which was not enough for the required one litre fuel sample. Therefore, he was excluded from the qualifying session and allowed to start at the back of the grid but he opted to start from the pitlane for tomorrow’s race.
Red Bull team principal Christian Horner was convinced that the necessary fuel for the mandatory one-litre sample was in Vettel’s car but the(6.6.4) regulation preventing the removal of bodywork meant that it could not be extracted. He said
“The rules dictate that one litre has to be able to be provided without the removal of bodywork, without manipulating the car.
“We believe that the fuel is in the cell, according to what Renault have told us, but you cannot dismantle the cell to give the sample.
“The car will be worked on tonight, so it is out of parc ferme, and we should have a better understanding and hopefully a cure for tomorrow.”
Why did it took so long for stewards to get the word out when Hamilton’s decision came fairly easy? I have no answer for that. There have always been concerns of engine mileage this season and Renault’s Remi Taffin said in the press conference that a new engine was being offered for their customers this weekend. Vettel can make a gearbox change if he wants now.
Alonso could arguably have felt a shy of relief  as his main championship rival is thrown out of the result. This is a mega turnaround on this spectacular season where we have already had seven different drivers winning as much races since Melbourne. Despite having two DRS zones, overtaking is highly unlikely at Yas Island. Though Vettel will push as hard as he can, Alonso’s car is vulnerable on sector 1 so he needs to bag as much points as possible from p6 to close the 13 point gap that exist.

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In the picturesque Yas Marina Circuit, time arrived to separate the best from the rest. Vettel has claimed pole twice with Hamilton conquering it once of the three meetings in Abu Dhabi.  It was likely to be a straight forward battle between Mclaren and Red Bull with Lotus threatening to be in the mix as seen from the practice outings, and can Alonso who clearly pushing his car to the limit, through an element of surprise?

Since it’s a day-to-night qualifying, pitlane opened for q1 with track temperature reducing by nine degrees since the afternoon practice to 31-deg C. Grosjean and Kobayashi along with their midfield counterparts marched down the quirky pitlane exit which tunnels underneath and existed out of Turn 2 to start things off.

Apart from Marussia and HRT, every other team headed into the session on medium tyres. Kobayashi was the first to set a timed lap after settling in for a few laps with 1:43.939s. Maldonado looked quick all weekend and straightaway four tenths up to go quickest ahead of Grosjean and Resta while the future team-mates Hamilton and Rosberg headed out of pits.

Raikkonen was having a competitive car in a while and despite taking some tenths off in sector 1, he could only emerge second. Meanwhile, Alonso topped the timing screen with a very little margin of -0.021s before Maldonado disposed him off the top with a better run. Button was five hundredths down in his first run with Perez improving to eighth +1.13s off the lead.

Hamilton had undergone persistent lock ups as he tried to overshoot the brakes and went off the road while Raikkonen moved up in the order to second with two tenths down on leader. Alonso suffered lack of grip in sector one all the time despite nudging ahead of the leader board with a better lap, two tenths up on Maldonado.
Alonso, Maldonado, Raikkonen, Button, Hulkenberg, Grosjean, Schumacher, Massa, Perez and Rosberg top 10 after half the session completed.

Vettel on his first run managed a p13 while a massive lock up encountered from Lewis’ car. Resta reported as saying disastrous traffic ahead while Williams’ Maldonado out brakes himself before bolting on a new set of softs. A blistering lap from Hamilton vaulted him up to the top with a stunning six tenths lead over his nearest rival with a time of 1:41.497s as Ron Dennis looked on. Vettel made some tiny errors which could’ve caused him so badly, locking up his wheels and almost shoving his car into the Armco after the exit of turn 19.

With five minutes left on the clock, Hamilton led from Alonso, Massa, Button, Vettel and Maldonado with Webber down at p13. Webber committed himself and jumped out of drop zone to go second fastest, four tenths down on Hamilton. Senna, Ricciardo, Kobayashi, Resta and Vergne were in the danger of elimination and needed a quick lap of 1:42s.

While Vettel’s lap helped him up to fifth, Vergne did his personal best lap, six tenths quicker than previous time on soft tyres, but not quick enough as he overcooked a kerb in final sector. He was asked to push for one more lap which didn’t help him either as found himself lining up on the grid with the usual suspects for eighth time this season.

With Vergne nearly a second off of required time into q2, Rosberg from nowhere moved up to second. Vergne’s spin aided Senna and Perez as they almost came together while aiming to put a lap in before the time ran out. At the bottom, Charles Pic with an impressive lap split the two caterhams and out qualified his team-mate quite comprehensively.
GRID – 18 to 24:  Vergne, Kovaleinen, Pic, Petrov, Glock, De la Rosa and Karthikeyan

After seven cars eliminated, q2 was underway and the majority of cars including Kobayashi, Button, Hamilton and Massa headed on to the track quickly for a q3 berth. Resta set the early lap but Maldonado overhauled him for p1. Grosjean was looking quick all Friday and set a time seven thousandths up on team-mate Raikkonen.
Rosberg took too much of kerb and let the underside spark when landed hard. Most of the teams switched over to yellow soft tyres when Raikkonen topped the timing board. Alonso lost a bit of time in sector 3 to see himself in second behind Hamilton who improved a tenth on his fastest q1 time.
Vettel took a turn 12 side while Massa set a lap good enough for sixth. Sebastian Vettel replaced Alonso for second while Grosjean stayed in fifth. Webber beat Hamilton’s time to top the table but Hamilton dug deep again to enter into 40s mark with a 1:40.901.

Force India drivers were not as quick as Maldonado’s Williams who loved this street-like track. Hamilton led from Webber, Vettel, Alonso, Grosjean, Raikkonen, Massa, Button, Maldonado and Hulk with three minutes left on clock and running. Kobayashi was five tenths down in p15 when Maldonado still languished in ninth.
Paul di Resta hadn’t improvised and seemed as if his new chassis complemented him nothing. Senna disappointingly ended the session in 15th with four tenths down for q3 qualification. Mixed emotions in Mercedes garage as Rosberg managed to squeeze in and progressed while Schumacher apologised for getting confused with KERS harvesting.

Alonso wanted a clear lap ahead and he got so until the final corner where Webber slowed down a bit. He reported on his team radio about this, but from the replay it was apparent that the Aussie was far ahead to influence on Alonso’s lap time, no lose or gain for the frustrated Fernando even though he felt so.
GRID – 11 to 17:
Hulkenberg, Perez, Resta, Schumacher, Senna, Kobayashi and Ricciardo

It was all down to the final session, both Mclarens and Lotuses were first out on track and Raikkonen set the timing sheets alight. After most of the frontrunners set a timed lap, the order was like this Hamilton, Vettel, Webber, Alonso, Rosberg, Button, Kimi and Romain.
Hamilton’s time of 1:40.630 looked comfortable for pole. With four minutes remaining, Massa was able to come up with a time four times shy of Hamilton’s for sixth. Maldonado put on a storming lap to stimulate the top four for another run as he sandwiched in between the Red Bulls.

Webber kept it tight and went three tenths off the pace of leading pacesetter to go second while Raikkonen tried as much harder only to pull out a lap five tenths slower than Hamilton. Button again found himself casualty to tyre degradation in the final stages as he went six tenths down on pole time. Rosberg out qualified his team-mate for the ninth time and will start the race from fourth row of the grid.
It was Hamilton’s 25th pole with such a dominating drive in the twisty final sector. Webber may have hate to drive in here but despite the KERS issues and burning the undertray he incurred on Friday it was a rewarding second place. Thanks to Vettel’s penalty though, as all the cars on the grid will move up a place. Maldonado was credited with third, starts beside Raikkonen on the second row, quite alarming.

Button and Alonso share the third row ahead of Rosberg and Massa with Grosjean and Hulkenberg rounding out the top 10. As for penalties, Reprimand for Perez’s impediment of Senna in q1.  But stopped in the in-lap and as a result had to face the consequences as he was asked to.
It took four and half hours to investigate and decide on Vettel’s matter after he visited  the stewards panel for inquiry. According to Article 6.6.2 of FIA Formula One Technical Regs, the car 1(Vettel) was investigated as it didn’t return to pits under its own power. The stewards accepted the hearing from concerned staffs and driver and considered it as a force majeure(unexpected event).

But they couldn’t agree more on Red Bull’s claims. As per the same article, they apparently breached the fuel sample regulation. Stewards said Vettel’s car had 850 ml fuel on board which was not enough for the required one litre fuel sample. Therefore, he was excluded from the qualifying result and allowed to start from back of the grid. However, Vettel will start from the pitlane it appeared to have.

He can make set-up changes to his car and Christian Horner was convinced that the necessary fuel for the mandatory one-litre sample was in Sebastian Vettel’s car but that regulations preventing the removal of bodywork meant that it could not be extracted. He also said:
“It is an issue that was reported on the in-lap. The instruction from Renault was clear. They wanted us to stop the engine immediately due to an issue that they saw within the fuel cell. We did that.
“The FIA accepted that, they accepted the technical issue that Renault reported to us, and unfortunately as the regulations dictate there has to be a one litre fuel sample to be able to taken from the car, and it is only 850ml that has been extracted.
“Renault are convinced that the rest of the fuel is in the tank but we have taken the car out of parc ferme tonight to further investigate.”
He added: “It is a frustrating scenario and we need to get into the fuel cell to understand what the issue is. We are working with Renault on it, and they dictate the amount of fuel that goes into the car.
“They are happy with the margins, they are happy with the amount of fuel that should be in the car but for whatever reason we have had this issue on the slow down lap.”

This has changes the whole landscape of the championship. Alonso could arguably have felt a shy of relief  as his main championship rival is thrown out of qualification. This is a mega turnaround on this spectacular season where we have already had seven different drivers winning as much races since Melbourne. Despite having two DRS zones, overtaking is highly unlikely at Yas Island. Though Vettel will push as hard as he can, Alonso’s car is vulnerable on sector 1 so he needs to bag as much points as possible from p6 to close the 13 point gap that exist.

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Scuderia Toro Rosso has made its decision to retain the current squad of Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne for the 2013 season. It’s not a surprise after all, as the poor string of performances came along since the beginning of the season. At least they would have understood that, despite having skillful drivers, the car should be competitive enough to fight in the midfield.

The sister team of Red Bull has arguably had their best campaign in 2011, scoring twice as much points as in the prior two seasons. Both its drivers, Alguersuari and Buemi, drove their heart out in every single race like there was no tomorrow. There was little to choose between them until the very end, although both faced a lot of bad luck.

It was clear that only one of them would be retained to pair up Ricciardo the following season, but Dr. Evil, Helmut Marko, who largely influenced Vettel’s career and played a part in bringing Montoya into F1, had other plans. He ousted both the drivers to make way for the current line-up.

He argued that Toro Rosso was a school to nurture young talents and time ran out on them. So bitter it was, Alguersuari once admitted that Lotus team had inquired about him but since he’d a word agreement to stay put with STR, he let that chance go by. For 2012 then, Buemi took the reserve role with Red Bull while Jaime acted as a Pirelli test driver.

Before the season started, Ricciardo had already debuted in 2011 for HRT back in Britain and continued till the season’s end with the Spanish outfit, whereas Vergne was high on confidence after winning the F3 title. Ricciardo impressed in his home race as he brought home a couple of  points followed by Vergne’s eighth place finish in the wet Malaysian race.

Since then, disaster struck as they battled hard to make it into Q2 with JEV being the usual casualty to be left out with the bottom six. They had to wait until Spa for a double points finish and repeated that feat later in Korea. It’s evident that the Faenza-based team has found some pace since the Asian flyaway races, but it’s a little too late to take the fight back to the competitive mid-pack teams.

The charismatic Aussie was quoted saying: “I am really pumped to know that I am continuing with Scuderia Toro Rosso for another season and want to thank the team and Red Bull,” he said. “There are big expectations for next year and I’m ready and willing to fulfil them.
“I feel I have been growing and developing as a driver and my approach to the technical side of the sport has also progressed this year, so I am sure that will serve me well in my second season with Toro Rosso. We have had quite a tough season, but despite that, I have always enjoyed a good relationship with all the guys and I am delighted at the idea of working with them for another year.”

The Frenchman, Vergne, has enjoyed mixed fortunes in his debut F1 season and finished as high as eight thrice in Malaysia, Korea and Belgium respectively and has a three point advantage over his team-mate. 

Speaking on the occasion, “I am really happy about this great news,” said the 22 year-old. “Thank you Toro Rosso and thank you Red Bull, who have backed me since the early days of my career. It has been a difficult season and, as a rookie, I have learned a lot, thanks to the support I got and the excellent relationship I have enjoyed with all the guys.
 “I feel much stronger now and I know I have become a better driver over the course of the season. I really believe in this team and with all the experience I have gained, combined with the team’s ambitious plans for next year, I think we can look forward to great things in 2013, attacking all the way.”

Equally delighted team principal Franz Tost quipped: “Both drivers have done a good job this season. Daniel joined us with a few Grands Prix under his belt and so his feedback and experience was particularly useful while Jean-Eric got up to speed, often having to deal with tracks he had never seen before.
“Since the summer break, both drivers have scored more points and everyone in the team has been impressed with their maturity in terms of working with the engineers and their racecraft on track. We will be doing our best in the next few months to produce a 2013 car which will allow them to demonstrate their talent.”

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Nico Hulkenberg has long been tipped to replace the outgoing young Mexican driver to Mclaren, Sergio Perez. Hulkenberg was the obvious choice to the Hinwil-based outfit after Massa extended his contract with Ferrari for an year. Since Massa’s option in the agreement ran out early in the season, Hulkenberg and team-mate Resta were in the frame to switch squad to the prancing horse.

After Ferrari’s line-up cleared out, Mallya said to have put forward new offers to the driving duo of late. Nevertheless, with the economic instability in his business whose flagship aircraft firm’s license has just been cancelled and Sahara having a tough time on their own, the future is highly uncertain for Force India. Moreover, the Silverstone-based outfit fails to deliver its promise of attaining  sixth in the championship to tie-down the German as they adrift of Sauber by 23 points.

Sauber is a notorious team good at spotting young talents and boy did they found one in Perez. Although, Sauber’s new CEO, Monisha Kaltenborn, was skeptic on future funding, the team remains upbeat for next year. This reflected in the race seat of Kamui Kobayashi as the Japanese driver struggles to find sponsorship from his own country despite securing a podium in Suzuka and proving his worth in all three seasons he has driven at.

It is Hulkenberg’s third team in as many years, having driven for Williams off the back of being the 2009 GP2 champion with ART Racing. Neither of the Williams drivers had an auspicious campaign in 2010 with Hulkenberg managing a best result of sixth in Hungary. His best moment came in Brazil when he clinched a pole in appalling conditions but that didn’t help him to keep the drive for 2011 as the pay driver Maldonado dispossessed him.

Force India opened its doors to Nico as a reserve driver under a stipulation to let him drive in 2012. In fact, he took the spotlight out of Sutil and became a talent to reckon with this year. While Hulkenberg’s move to Sauber may appear to be a sideways step, the team has claimed more eye-catching results than Force India with four podiums.

Hulkenberg has a flourishing chance with Ferrari in the turbo era as Sauber and Ferrari have close tie-ups with each other and will be under the radar of Stefano Dominecalli. Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa and Gian Carlo Fisichella are notable talents of Ferrari who had driven for Sauber before and no wonder if Hulkenberg fancy his opportunities to be a part of that list.

Team principal Monisha Kaltenborn said: “We’ve been observing Nico for some time now, and his performances have been very persuasive. That was the case in GP2 and has continued into Formula One. An obvious highlight was how he scored pole at Interlagos in 2010 despite the most challenging external conditions.
“He clearly showed he can seize the chance if it arises. But high spots like that are one thing; systematic teamwork is another, and on that score I have confidence in Nico too. I’m sure he will fit in very well with the Sauber F1 Team. We look forward to working together with him.”

After the official announcement, Hulkenberg said he is poised at achieving sixth in the championship with Force India while thanking the entire management team.
“The team is currently going through a very positive development and I’m certain that together we can achieve a lot. Until that time I will remain fully focused on my job with Force India. I’d like to thank the management at Force India for giving me the chance to return to Formula One as a team driver.”

The 25-year-old German has been a standout with some stunning drives on race days and currently languishes 12th in the championship with 49 points. There is little to choose between the Force India drivers in terms of earning points but it is Hulk having the upper hand in qualifying since Monaco. He has also shown some great pace on wet sessions especially in British and German GP with a career best fourth place finish in Belgium.

Sauber saved the announcement of second driver for a later time which is highly likely to be their reserve driver Esteban Gutierrez. Meanwhile, in Force India, Adrian Sutil seems likely to make his comeback but no official statements on it yet. Current Marussia driver, Charles Pic, is also looking for a step up the ladder but remains to be retained by his Russian outfit despite being a free agent for 2013. The ousted Toro Rosso driver, Jaime Alguersuari, who vows to be on the paddock next season and the Red bull reserve Sebastien Buemi have also been thought to be in the mix.

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The much anticipated announcement has been released by Lotus F1 team today that Kimi Raikkonen will stay put with the Enstone-based squad for the forthcoming season with an youtube video. Raikkonen, the 2007 world champion’s return, has become one of the biggest stories this season. Having opted for Rallying in 2010, he drove a Citroen C4 for Citroen Junior Team  and never really had a successful campaign. Even he raced in NASCAR twice after setting up his own rally team, Ice 1 Racing.

Raikkonen’s departure from F1 was a bit of a shock as Ferrari opted to buy Massa’s contract instead of his to pave way for incoming Alonso much to the dismay of fans and ever since thought he’d never return back to the sport he belonged to after a miserable run in 2009 with just a win in a sluggish Ferrari. It has been exactly 11 month now since Lotus announced Kimi would race for them for 2012 season. It was in a railway station that I jumped with joy after a friend rang me up to confirm Iceman’s return last November.

He was often compared to Schumi’s second coming to the sport but it was never the same as Kimi hadn’t got tired of turning wheel. Of course, Michael took a long while to get his form back as he kept himself away from an F1 cockpit for three years which Kimi luckily didn’t endure with.  The revitalised  Lotus team gave him a competitive car from the forefront hence he managed to pick a seventh place with some brilliant on track maneuvers and seemed never far away in terms of pace in Australia.

He settled in pretty well in the remaining races and surged to a podium finish at Bahrain where he nearly had won the race from Vettel. He showed a fabulous consistency rate as he finished every single lap of the season so far with a highlight of six podiums despite not securing a victory. Lotus seems to have down a bit in the development  race now as Kimi couldn’t find a way through to fight for the championship head-to-head on race pace. Nevertheless, his second life at F1 has just been amazing with some sublime drives.

He looked as a title contender but only until his last podium in Belgium, since then, Lotus started falling back in terms of pace with Raikkonen trying his utmost level to keep third in the drivers’ championship from the two Mclarens. If Kimi gets a car that can challenge for the title next year, trust me, Vettel and Alonso have a serious threat breathing down their neck.

Here is the link to the video titled ‘One team, one commitment; Lotus F1 Team and Kimi Räikkönen reveal all’ that is hotting up in the F1 circle containing shots taken from his first test at the wheel of Lotus R29 back in January.

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Double World Champion, Sebastian Vettel cruised to his fourth consecutive victory in the 2012 Indian Grand prix. The young German led the race from start to finish. He was followed home by the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso and the Red-Bull of Mark Webber.

Alonso made a great start and overtook both of the Mclaren's on the long straight during the first lap. Later on, he managed to close down the gap to second placed Webber and overtook him in the DRS zone on the main straight. Mark Webber couldn't do anything to defend the flying spaniard as the KERS unit on his car had broken down early on in the race.

The Mclaren duo of Hamilton and Button finished in fourth and fifth places respectively. Lewis Hamilton could have been on the podim but he just couldn't get inside 1 second of Webber and so wasn't able to deploy his DRS wing. This is the third race in succession where a Mclaren has failed to finish on the podium.

Felipe Massa finished race in sixth place. The Brazillian had to conserve fuel mid-way through the race. Kimi Raikkonen was seventh in his Lotus after spending much of the race behind Massa's gearbox. The Finn was within 1 second of Massa but the top-speed wasn't there in his Lotus and as so he had to settle for seventh place behind Massa.

Nico Hulkeneberg drove another brilliant but unspectacular race to bring his Force India home in eighth place. This was German's third consecutive top 10 finish in the last three races. Paul Di Resta could only manage a twelth place.

Romain Grosjean and Bruno Senna completed the top 10. Grosjean started on the harder tyre and so had a very long first stint but on the second stint he didn't have the pace to challenge his team mate and so settled for ninth place.

Bruno Senna,Nico Rosberg and Pastor Maldanado had been battling hard through the first part of the race. Later Maldanado dropped back with a puncture while Rosberg wasn't able to defend tenth place from Senna.

Rosberg's Team mate Schumacher had a disastrous race as the German was involved in first lap collision with Jean Eric Vergne. This meant that Schumacher had to come into the pits early to change his punctured tyre. Following that, the Legendary German couldn't move up the order and finally retired on Lap 58.

This was the third race in succession where both Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher failed to score any points. Since, Singapore the Mercedes team have dropped back down the field and are now battling hard to get inside the top 10.

Sauber also had a bad race as Sergio Perez tangled with the Toro Rosso of Daniel Ricciardo which forced him to retire.  The Mexican got a puncture after the collision with Ricciardo which then damaged the rear suspension of his Sauber.

Home boy Narain Karthikeyan couldn't produce any sort of magic and finished down in 21st place. His team mate De La Rosa retired with what looks like a brake failure.

Here are the full results from the Indian Grand prix:
11Sebastian VettelRed Bull Racing-Renault60Winner125
25Fernando AlonsoFerrari60+9.4 secs518
32Mark WebberRed Bull Racing-Renault60+13.2 secs215
44Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes60+13.9 secs312
53Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes60+26.2 secs410
66Felipe MassaFerrari60+44.6 secs68
79Kimi RäikkönenLotus-Renault60+45.2 secs76
812Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes60+54.9 secs124
910Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault60+56.1 secs112
1019Bruno SennaWilliams-Renault60+74.9 secs131
118Nico RosbergMercedes60+81.6 secs10
1211Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes60+82.8 secs16
1316Daniel RicciardoSTR-Ferrari60+86.0 secs15
1414Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari60+86.4 secs17
1517Jean-Eric VergneSTR-Ferrari59+1 Lap18
1618Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault59+1 Lap9
1721Vitaly PetrovCaterham-Renault59+1 Lap19
1820Heikki KovalainenCaterham-Renault59+1 Lap20
1925Charles PicMarussia-Cosworth59+1 Lap24
2024Timo GlockMarussia-Cosworth58+2 Laps21
2123Narain KarthikeyanHRT-Cosworth58+2 Laps23
227Michael SchumacherMercedes55+5 Laps14
Ret22Pedro de la RosaHRT-Cosworth42Brakes22
Ret15Sergio PerezSauber-Ferrari20+40 Laps8

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Sebastian Vettel continued his brilliant form enroute to taking pole position for the 2012 Indian Grand Prix. Despite making a mistake on his first run the young German got it all together for the second run and secured his second consecutive pole position in India.

Mark Webber made it a Red-Bull front row lock-out by setting the second fastest time.Lewis Hamilton was third fastest in his Mclaren. The Briton wasn't looking in a good shape prior to Q3 but did a good clean lap at the end of Q3 to set the third fastest time.

Hamilton's team mate Jenson button was fourth fastest while Championship contender Fernado Alonso could only produce a fifth fastest time.

The Ferrari team will have to hope for some miracle if they want to challenge red-bull as at the moment Red-Bull Renault seems to be uncatchable.

Felipe Massa was sixth fastest in the other Ferrari. The Brazillian had endured a tough day yesterday but managed to make it into Q3 and will be starting from P6 on the grid. He was followed up by the Renault of Kimi Raikkonen.

Raikkonen's team mate Grosjean didn't make into q3 and from the visuals it looked like the young Frenchman was over driving his Lotus.He will be starting from P11 on the grid.

Sergio perez,Pastor Maldanado and Nico Rosberg round up the top 10. Nico Rosberg didn't set a time in q3 instead he opted to preserve his tyres for tomorrow's race. Michael Schumacher couldn't make into q3 and will be starting from P14 on the grid.

Neither of the Force India's made into q3 which was a big dissapointment for the Indian fans. Nico Hulkenberg and Paul Di resta start from 12th and 15th respectively.

Home Hero, Narain karthikeyan qualified in 23rd place.

Here are full results at the end of Qualifying:

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